Bogarda was a male Daikini. He could wield a bit of magic and was the father of the Village Chief of Dew, just North of a Nelwyn village. At some point, the evil Queen Bavmorda turned Bogarda into a green-skinned demonic creature with a single horn. He began to sow terror among the villagers, stealing all their riches, whether they be fruits, silver or gold. Because of his father's tragic metamorphosis, the Chief became wary of strangers. For some time, Bogarda hid in a cave located within the mountains and guarded by a moving skeleton.

One day, a Nelwyn adventurer named Willow Ufgood came to Dew, having heard that the village needed a hero to defeat a demon. Ufgood entered the cave and faced Bogarda, who ordered him to relinquish the Gold Statue he carried. When the adventurer refuses to abandon the statue, Bogarda cursed him for a fool and attacked with a throwing axe. Once defeated, Bogarda regained his senses and original appearance. As a token of gratitude to his savior, Bogarda taught him the spell of Flowing Fire.


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