Brobantula was a Daikini sorcerer who lived in the empire of Jyranthi long before the time of Queen Bavmorda's reign. He was described as the greatest conjurer of his time. When the mad emperor Collodius started driving his realm to ruin, Brobantula resolved to take action.[1]

The sorcerer presented Collodius with a mechanical songbird that could sing and fly with grace. As soon as the emperor had installed the automaton in his bedroom, the bird started singing an enchanted dirge that put him and all his guards to sleep. Brobantula, his ears stopped with waxen drops, then entered the room, removed Collodius's protective wards and amulets, and cast a transformation spell on the tyrant.[1]

However, because he could not hear his own words, his conjuration went awry. While Brobantula had intended to turn Collodius into a small worm that could be fed to the mechanical bird, the emperor trandsformed into a giant worm that gobbled the automaton instead, along with several guards and members of the royal family.[1]

The sorcerer attempted to escape by a levitation spell, but the winds were too calm to allow him to move laterally, and he was soon forced to land in the arms of the waiting palace guards. Brobantula was executed, but his suffering and death were said to have been "mercifully brief."[1]

Notes and referencesEdit

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