The Cataclysm was catastrophic event that took place exactly one year after the battle of Nockmaar, in which all the Places of Power of Andowyne were destroyed by an unknown force.

The disasters occured where the ley lines of the physical world intersected with their counterparts in the Realms Beyond. The devastation raged across all the Twelve Domains of the world and even the Veil Folk suffered from the blasts. Everything, including people, within the blasts disappeared, leaving behind sterile barren regions, known as Scars.

Nothing could be known as to the its cause or purpose or the nature of the force that was so powerful as to annihilate whole locations across all the world. It was perceived differently across the peoples but few would dare to seek answers, as though tapping in its knowledge would bring doom upon them; others saw it as a natural disaster, others a supernatural sign, others an act of war. Each party laid blame to something else, declining the relations between the Twelve Domains at first. As years passed, fears were eased, but not for the Veil Folk who perceived time at a different pace and such events remain fresh in their memories.


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