"They exist outside all the known laws. They consider themselves the embodiment of chaos."
Elora Danan, in Shadow Star

Demons were mysterious and powerful entities that relished chaos. They were considered to be the bastard siblings of the dragons, but lacked their sense of responsibility. Many ambitious sorcerers aspired to finding a demon of their own and bind its unimaginable power, although that initiative was very risky.[1] While all intelligent races of Andowyne regarded them as mortal enemies, they were not inherently evil. When Thorn Drumheller became acquainted with a demon that was bound to the stones of the royal palace of Angwyn, the entity helped him escape from the clutches of the Deceiver. Drumheller used his sorcery to put the soul of that demon's child into the body of the late warrior Khory Bannefin. Although she was a Daikini, the enchantress Bavmorda was nicknamed "the Demon Queen" because of the dread she inspired.[2]


Notes and referencesEdit

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