"Also, we share the certainty that Your Majesty has the mother even now within her power, and that her labor will deliver this child into Your Majesty's hands."
A druid, in Willow: A Novel

The Gathering was a recurring event during which General Kael's troops and Death Dogs would scour the fiefdoms of Queen Bavmorda to seize all Daikini women more than six months pregnant. Occasionally, Nelwyn women were also captured. A Gathering always happened on the first night of the waning moon. The reason behind the Gatherings was that Bavmorda knew that, one day, a child would be born who would dethrone her. Since that prophesied child would bear the Sign, a distinctive birthmark, the queen thought that she could avoid her fate by forcing all pregnant women to give birth in her dungeons, which would allow her to identify the right baby immediately. Bavmorda ordered her daughter, Sorsha, to inspect each newborn child personally, as soon as it was delivered by Ethna, an enslaved midwife. Just as the last Gathering started, a woman gave birth to Elora Danan, who bore the Sign.[1]



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