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Kael profile
Vital statistics
Species Daikini
Gender Male
Skin color Ruddy
Hair color Brown
Feather color
Eye color
Other statistics
Occupation Warrior
Affiliation Army of Nockmaar
Production details
First appearance Willow
Played by Patrick Roach

General Kael is the commander of the Nockmaar army and the secondary antagonist of Willow. He is sent by Queen Bavmorda to find the baby of the prophecy, Elora Danan.


Kael tricked the high commander of the Nockmaar army, Harkenwell, into taking responsibility for a military blunder. Bavmorda sent him to the Northern Waste. Kael thus took his place.

Kael leads the Nockmaar army to Galladoorn, destroying the castle. Airk mounts his army for a counterattack but suffers another sore loss at the battle of Land's End.

Later on, Airk ambushes the Nockmaar army at Tir Asleen, marking the turning point of the war. However, General Kael still manages to kidnap Elora Danan and bring her back to Nockmaar Castle.

Airk leads the Galladoorn army to Nockmaar Castle where Queen Bavmorda transforms the entire army into pigs. Fin Raziel transforms them all back to their original forms in secret and Willow forms a plan for them to use subterfuge to mount a suprise attack on the castle. The battle is a success for Galladoorn, but General Kael ultimate kills Airk. Madmartigan, in turn, fights General Kael and manages to break a piece of his skull mask. Shocked that anyone could accomplish this (and realizing that he is only human, not superhuman), Kael was too distracted to manage a good counterattack and is soon killed in the fight, as Madmartigan deals a fatal strike.


According to IMDB, Kael is possibly named after film critic Pauline Kael.

Kael was portrayed by wrestler and actor Pat Roach, who portrayed several characters in Indiana Jones, another Lucasfilm production, such as the Giant Sherpa, the muscular German Mechanic, the Gong Striker in Club Obi Wan, the Thuggee Assasin, the huge Thuggee Chief Guard, and the black coated Gestapo Agent. These, except the Gong Striker, were all villains.

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