Geryn Havilhand was a Daikini trooper from Angwyn, serving with the Royal Angwyn Pathfinders, attached to the outland garrison at Bandicour.

He was assigned with the mare Windfleet. He was a decent warrior and treated his steed gently. At the same time he was unrestful, never satisfied with his inexperience and always wanting more. He was armed with a blade, a knife and a crossbow firing broadbolts.

During his travel he was attached by a pack of Death Dogs and Windfleet was seriously injured. That night he laid camp when Thorn Drumheller hailed him and warned him that the Death Dogs would follow his track. Soon after the Death Dogs attacked and Geryn did his best with his blade. When Thorn returned, he found Geryn un conscious or sleeping. He healed Windfleet and let her free. Geryn was not happy when he woke up.


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