"High Elves, on this side of the Veil?"
"They don't cross over often and they don't much like it when they do, but they can survive as easily here as the likes of you or I can in their domains."
Elora Danan and Rool, in Shadow Dawn

The High Elves were a race of intelligent beings who made up the whole of Greater Faery. They were tall and slender, and possessed a delicate, unearthly beauty. Despite their lithe physique, the High Helves had a strength of body that far surpassed the most formidable of Daikini. They regarded themselves as the greatest of the Realms that composed the Circle of the Flesh. As such, the High Elves tended to come off as pompous and arrogant. They usually preferred to reside in the Circle of the Spirit, avoiding the ordinary world. There was nothing the High Elves enjoyed more than hunting, and they wore polished lacquer armor in combat.


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