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King Bargatalo's Nineteen Curses
Background Information
Other Names
Usage Teaching evil magic[1]
Material Copper (pages), brass (binding rings)[1]
First appearance The Willow Sourcebook[1]

King Bargatalo's Nineteen Curses was an evil spellbook that was engraved on nineteen untarnished copper plates bound on their edges with fifty-five brass rings. It was one of the three Texts of the Third Order, along with the Malatrium and the so-called Stone Book. Like the other Texts of the Third Order, Nineteen Curses possessed some sentience and was protected by a contingency spell that would transport them away when their owner met his or her end. During her reign over Nockmaar, the sorceress Bavmorda owned two or three of the Texts of the Third Order, which she kept in her castle.[1]


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