Kings Armor
King of Tir Asleen's armor
Background Information
Other Names
Manufacturer Elves[1]
Usage Battle armor[1]
Owners Tanthalos IX; Madmartigan[1]
Material Gold[1]
First appearance Willow[2]

The suit of armor worn by the kings of Tir Asleen was of elfin make. Crafted from bronze and tempered gold,[1] it included greaves, tassets, bracers, pauldrons, and a conical helmet with a nose guard and a white horsehair crest. A mail skirt sat below the tassets, and the helmet was also covered in mail. The breastplate, made leather and decorated with an eagle-shaped metal ornament.[2] The suit of armor fell into disuse after the sorceress Bavmorda froze Tanthalos IX and the rest of Tir Asleen, trapping them in blocks of quartz. However, it was recovered by Madmartigan, who wore it during the battle of Nockmaar.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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