Lake of Raziel
Lake of Fin Raziel
Background Information
Type Lake[1]
Location Between Nockmaar and the Nelwyn Valley[1]
Ruler Queen Bavmorda[2]
Other Information
Other names
Inhabitants Fish Boy[2]
First appearance Willow[3]

"Oh yes. All this lake is cursed. Queen Bavmorda's powers control the elements here. Venture on it at your peril!"
The Fish Boy, to Willow Ufgood, in Willow: A Novel

The Lake of Fin Raziel was a lake formed by the River Freen in a wild area between Nockmaar and the Nelwyn Valley. The so-called Island of Fin Raziel was located in the middle of that lake.[1] According to the Fish Boy, the lake was cursed by the Demon Queen Bavmorda, who controlled the elements there.[2] After Bavmorda accidentally erased herself from existence during the battle of Nockmaar, her magic was expunged from all the kingdoms. Therefore, the Lake of Fin Raziel must have been freed of the Queen's curse.[1]



Notes and referencesEdit

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