Matanda was a green-scaled male dragon who lived in a cave near the Death Forest during the last days of Bavmorda's reign. While Matanda guarded the Crystall Ball of Light, he was admittedly too old for that task, since he could not even fly anymore. When the Nelwyn hero Willow Ufgood entered his cave to retrieve the Crystall Ball on the Brownies' behalf, Matanda called him a thief and refused to relinquish the artifact. After Ufgood Willow agreed to leave Matanda alone, the dragon changed his mind, now viewing the Nelwyn as a kind-hearted person, and decided to offer him a Thieves' Bracelet. Rumor had it that Matanda had lost a few scales during a fight with an adventurer. At any rate, those lost scales were recovered by Ufgood and turned by Dew's blacksmith into powerful weapons, the Dragon Sword and Dragon Shield.


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