"Night Herons in the tower, a wonderful home the Sacred Princess has made for herself."
Franjean, in Shadow Moon

Night herons were large, nocturnal birds of Andowyne. They had a sable plumage with scarlet accents, which gave them an air of dark majesty. They fed off the meat of their preys, which they attacked with a speed and ferocity that surpassed that of the eagles. Although the night herons were regarded as the winged equivalent of Death Dogs, they actually had higher intelligence. Additionally, while the Death dogs were only violent because of their training, the night herons naturally derived a great pleasure from killing.[2] In the hour of Bavmorda's birth, night herons attended at her mother's chamber, along with whippoorwills, owls, and flying squirrels. Later, when Bavmorda reigned over most lands as the evil Queen of Nockmaar, night herons resided in the conjuring room of her castle.[1]



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