"From now on, if any of you see a hound, let it pass umolested. It runs toward Nockmaar Castle to serve me."
Bavmorda, in The Willow Sourcebook

Night hounds were ferocious wolflike creatures that haunted the Wilderness region of Andowyne's western continent. They lived in packs that displayed an almost human structure, with a male leader and two or three "lieutenants" of either gender. They killed livestock and, occasionally, owners of livestock. They were as cunning as rats, and were capable of avoiding the traps set by hunters. Bavmorda, a Daikini enchantress who became the nefarious Demon Queen of Nockmaar, managed to become the leader of a large night hound pack, and she started cross-breeding those beasts with regular dogs, which gave birth to a new species: the Death Dogs.


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