"They're Pohas! Don't leave me here! They're a bunch of scurvy Pohas! They'll roast me alive!"
Madmartigan, to Willow Ufgood, in Willow: A Novel

The Pohas were a bloodthirsty, primitive Daikini tribe that hailed from the Poha Lands of Andowyne's western continent.[1] They used to walk about half-naked, their bodies tattooed with bizarre blue signs and creatures.[2]

Madmartigan once claimed that he slew four to eight Pohas with a sword at the age of ten.[1] Years later, shortly before the battle of Nockmaar, a group of Pohas set fire to Madmartigan's crow's cage at the Daikini crossroads. Some time later, others were present at the roadside tavern where Madmartigan and the Nelwyn Willow Ufgood were reunited.[2]



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