This is a timeline of Andowyn's history, recording events that took place on Andowyne. Dates are given in relation to the battle of Nockmaar, which saw the fall of Demon Queen Bavmorda's Nockmaar-based empire and was followed by the rise of Elora Danan.

Timeline of Andowyne's historyEdit

The ancient timesEdit

The Time of WhispersEdit

  • 18 BBN
    • Sorsha, daughter of Mikal Tanthalos and Bavmorda, is born.[4] Shortly thereafter, King Tanthalos VIII and his wife are killed by Bavmorda.[1]
  • Between 18 and 13 BBN
    • Bavmorda, Queen Consort of Tir Asleen, freezes her husband King Tanthalos IX into a crystal block. She treats the rest of Tir Asleen's occupants the same way, then moves her base of operations to the newly built Nockmaar Castle.[5]
  • 13 BBN
    • On the day Sorsha turns five, Bavmorda gives her a test, teaching her to favor purity and power over glitter and gold.[1]
  • 6 BBN
  • 5 BBN
    • Sorsha starts learning the arts of defense and the tactics of assault under the tutelage of guardians handpicked by Bavmorda and General Kael.[4]
  • 3 BBN
  • 1 BBN
  • 0 BBN

The Post-Nockmaar periodEdit

  • 1 ABN
    • Despite the defeat of Bavmorda a year earlier, the world is plunged into a storm of war and chaos, lashed by ancient rivalries and hatreds.[2]
  • 13 ABN
    • The Ascension of Elora Danan takes place. Representatives of all Twelve Realms congregate in Angwyn to witness her coronation as ruler of the Realms. Unfortunately, during the occasion the Deceiver shows up disguised as Willow Ufgood, and tries his best to kill Danan. While the princess escapes with the help of Thorn Drumheller, the Deceiver succeeds in freezing the entire Kingdom of Angwyn, all its residents, and everyone in attendance of the Ascension.[2]


Notes and referencesEdit

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