Tir Asleen
Tir Asleen Castle
Background Information
Type Castle[1]
Location Tir Asleen[1]
Ruler King Tanthalos VIII; King Tanthalos IX; Queen Bavmorda[2]
Other Information
Other names
First appearance Willow[1]

The Tir Asleen Castle was the residence of the royal family of Tir Asleen, a powerful Daikini kingdom situated on the western continent of Andowyne.[1] After Bavmorda took control of her husband, King Tanthalos IX, she ended up freezing him and the entire citizenry of the castle in blocks of crystal quartz. Bavmorda then moved her base of operations to Nockmaar Valley, and the Tir Asleen Castle became a ghost city.[2] Many years later, the Nelwyn hero Willow Ufgood, the enchantress Fin Raziel, and their allies brought Elora Danan to the castle, thinking she would be safe within its walls. When they realized the castle had been abandoned for a long time, they were attacked by Bavmorda's troops.[1]



Notes and referencesEdit

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