"You dare to challenge me? You're not warriors. You're pigs!"
Bavmorda, about to turn the Tir Asleen Rebels into pigs, in Willow
Madmartigan to pig

Madmartigan being turned into a pig by Bavmorda

Transformation was a spell that turned something into something else, with the restriction that the "something else" had to be a race or item that actually existed somewhere in the world. It was a very difficult spell, and many magicians refrained from using it due to morality issues. The intelligence and wisdom of a transformed subject remained unchanged in his or her new form. However, a transformed sorcerer was unable to cast spells in animal form.[1]

During the events that led to the fall of Bavmorda, several notable uses of the Transformation spell occurred. The High Aldwin Junn used it to change a rock into a bird. Willow Ufgood accidentally transformed a troll into an Eborsisk dragon, and Bavmorda herself transformed the entire troops of the Tir Asleen rebels into pigs.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Fin Raziel's morph from goat to woman was one of the earliest uses of CGI, and became a huge leap in digital effects.[3]



Notes and referencesEdit

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