Windfleet was the noble mare mounted by Geryn Havilhand. She had accepted her role and her rider as she had seen that horses who fought ended up with broken spirits. She liked Geryn after a fashion although she was tired by his drive to improve himself.

During their travels they were assaulted by a pack of Death Dogs. It seems that her hooved did most of the job against them, and she was heavily wounded and exhausted. She carried Geryn to a defensive clearing near a Scar, where Geryn laid camp for the night and Windfleet had an opportunity to rest.

However they were attacked once more by the Death Dogs that followed them, and she fought along with Geryn and Thorn Drumheller. After the skirmish, she sent a Call to Thorn, who approached and considered to comfort and end her misery; he decided to perform an exhaisting healing procedure where he fed her his own energy, filled up her wounds and bound up her broken bones. Without bothering to ask unconscious Geryn, he let her go and live happily in the plains.


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